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                  Lake Chemung

Lake Chemung Fun Day, Howell Michigan

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September 23rd we are working with Waves of Wellness as their charity of choice for Lake Mary Jane Paddlefest Orlando Florida. Above the Wake will be getting the kids involved with a paddle board race for the children we provide service to. To register follow the link below.

2015 Summer Fun

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We offer an array of services,ZUP, Boarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, We will find out what interests your child and plan the day.

The ZUP Board is like riding a snow sled behind the boat. Except this board allows many levels of learning for each riders comfort level. You can ride just holding the handles, or learn to grab the rope handle yourself. Then once you get more brave you can spin and do a 180 or a 360.  After you have mastered those tricks you can stand up on the board and ride like a pro!! Its all fun and all based on learning in stages. Kids love the ZUP and it is a great entry level learning tool as well for the seasoned rider. Hit the Button to go to the ZUP Website


To create positive experiences on the water for children with Autism and cognitive delays, breaking down stigmas and unleashing potential for greatness though individual teachable moments

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(cable4acause,sponsors, O's fundraiser, and multiple events)  Misc 2016

Above the Wake at Lake Mineola, Clermont FL

On September 24th we will be hosting our last event in Florida for the season. It will be 11-4pm and will consist of paddle boarding and boat activities (ZUP) 

  • Registration requires a $10 non refundable processing fee and can be done by clicking the button below. Registrations will not be processed without the fee.

Hello ZUP Board, Intro to the ZUP

April 11th 2015 Orlando WaterSports Center

ZUP BOARD instruction by Brady Hart

Above the Wake does not solely do large scale events. We do private lessons for individuals, families and small groups as well, individualized for all of our kids we work with. Please contact us at 989-412-5366 for questions or to set up some time for us to work with your family. We can set up lessons statewide to paddle board if you have a spot to ride. 

In 2016 Above the Wake initiated a national autism awareness program named"Cable4ACause". It was started with the intent to promote inclusion and we felt that the cable park would be a great teaching/learning location. In 2017 we had 10 parks that participated in 6 different states. We are looking forward to 2018, and hopefully add more parks. Our kids are able to do the activities that neuro-typical children do, sometimes an invitation is a powerful tool. 

Up Coming Events...

Lake Mary Jane Paddle Fest